Dedicated to Better

Mlouye’s raison d'être is to design and create objects that inspire, produced to last.
Our strategy of achieving a quality object is based on creative freedom,
exceptional know-how, elevated craftsmanship, precious materials, and sustainability.
Our approach requires these subjects to be taken into account
at every stage, from design to manufacturing. To be fully dedicated to our strategy
and to fulfill our never ending-demand for quality and sustainability,
we produce our bags in our production facility in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our facility connects the manufacturing process with design, research and development, allowing the creative team to turn their ideas into distinctive pieces without compromising their vision.

Who made your Mlouye?

Our artisans are at the core of our business, this is the reason why we aim to maximize their benefits and treat their artistry with respect. Our factory gives Mlouye’s master craftsmen and women the space to teach the know-how to young artisans, handing-down the skill and artistry to the next generation, while keeping its commitment to protecting the rights of workers, supporting their wellbeing and their livelihood with the utmost respect for their skill and artistry. Our aim is to make a difference and improve the way traditions are preserved and the workers are treated.
We want to make our customers feel good and empowered, knowing that they bought an honest product with a lasting legacy. 

Reducing Environmental Impact

We provide an ethical work environment to our talented craftsmen & women while monitoring the environmental impact to avoid over-production and reduce waste. The improvisation without the waste of countless samples and cutting the minimum quantity requests forced by the 3rd party manufacturers – most importantly – meeting the on demand needs of all of you will help us to pursue providing inspiring designs using the finest artisanal techniques, responsibly sourced materials, and elevated craftsmanship to be followed for generations.